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Ranthambhore National Park

Rajasthan's natural heritage


Jaipur, 130 km und Kota, 108 km

275 km2



Oktober 1 – Juni 30



The period from October to March is the most pleasant for a visit. In December and January it can be cold in the morning and warm clothes are required. The summer months of April and May are marked by extreme heat, but offer the best tiger sightings.


Rajasthan is known for its rich cultural heritage. Its history, customs, scents, Maharajas and festivals are full of color, variety and intensity. You can see, smell and feel the same in its natural heritage, Ranthambhore National Park. The area in and around Ranthambhore used to be the hunting grounds of the Jaipur Maharajas. Today it is probably the best known and, thanks to the picturesque ruins, the most picturesque park in India. It is popular with visitors. Ranthambhore offers excellent opportunities to meet the king, who has become accustomed to the vehicles over the years. 


Ranthambhore lies in two of India's oldest and largest geographical formations - the Arravali and Vindhya ranges. The river Banas in the north and the Chambal in the south are the lifelines of this dry deciduous forest, which changes dramatically with the first rains. The landscape is breathtaking - deep gorges, grassy slopes and large lakes make this park an experience for photographers. Most of the tiger documentaries were shot here, too, for example this one


An ancient fortress from the 10th century, 200 meters above the surrounding plains, contributes to the drama of the area. Further ruins from the time of the Maharajas make Ranthambhore a magical place for your first tiger sighting!